Washable, Filled, Cotton, Draft Stopper


Keep the cold inside in the summer and outside in the winter.
Our washable draft stoppers can be used in any room for doors or windows.
They make a great sound reducing and light blocking barrier.
We offer them in custom lengths. If you would like a length that’s not offered, message us.
We would be happy to make one for you.

Our draft stoppers are made with 100% cotton on the outside and inside.
We sew them with 100% cotton thread.
They are biodegradable and compostable.
They are truly washable because they are made with cotton.
We give old table linens a new life as the exterior of our draft stoppers and we use our cotton fabric scraps to fill them.
Wash them on warm, by themselves or with some towels.
Dry on hot or hang in the sun.
We recommend fluffing them with your hands, after they are dried to help with even distribution of the filling.

Approximately 6.5 inches wide, length is customizable.
We offer a 32 inch length, the average width of an interior door.
We offer a 36 inch length, the average width of an exterior door.
Put two together to cover the width of a sliding glass door.

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We appreciate your support.

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