Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental


Petite Bottoms Cloth Diapers Newborn Cloth Diaper rental is a great choice for parents that want to try a little bit of everything before they buy.
You won't know what you like using or what fits baby best until baby is born.
Your baby won't need newborn diapers for very long, 6-8 weeks. You can save money by renting them versus buying them.

Do I even need newborn diapers?
One size cloth diapers are designed to fit baby best at about 12 pounds, 2-3 months of age.
The average newborn is born at about 6 pounds.
Newborn diapers are designed to fit baby at this stage and to accommodate baby's umbilical cord stub.
They are expensive and you won't use them for long, hence why this rental is a great option.

What's in the rental?
12 Newborn AIOs (All In Ones)
12 Newborn Pocket Diapers with prefold inserts
12 Newborn Prefold cloth diapers
To be used as inserts for the pocket diapers or with provided covers
2 Newborn Diaper Covers
24 Cloth Wipes
1 Snappie Cloth Diaper Fastener
1 Diaper Pail Liner
1 Wet Bag
Cloth Diaper Reference Guide
Rental items may be new or gently used and may be mixed brands.
Gently used items may have faint stains.
All colors or prints are gender neutral.
Cloth diaper support via email, text, phone or video call.

How does the rental work?
Pay for your rental here. We will contact you within 48 hours in regards to your rental.
We will mail or deliver your cloth diaper rental to you about 3 weeks before baby's estimated due date.
The rental period is 8 weeks (2 months) . Your time doesn't start until baby is born and you start using the diapers.
Please let us know when baby is born and you start using the cloth diapers.
If your baby arrives early or you are later in ordering than we recommend, don't worry, we can accommodate your needs, email us.
Once your 8 weeks is up, wash and dry your items, and package them up for return.
Shipping to you is included in the price of the rental. We will include return instructions.
We will give you a label to return your package. Please save the package your rental came in and use it to return your rental. You do have to take it to the post office and pay for it to be shipped back to us.

Once we receive your rental, we will process it for return and issue you your refund.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for your rental to be processed.
Your refund is $75.
We will deduct from your rental, at full retail price of the item, any missing or damaged items.

Some guidelines for care of your cloth diapers.
Use only approved detergents. Any detergent that is scent and dye free is fine.
We do prefer the Charlie's Soap brand detergent.
Use only rash creams that are free of zinc, fish oils and petrolatum.
If you would like recommendations for products that are cloth diaper safe, we are happy to provide you with a list.
Please do not use fabric softener or essential oils of any kind on your rental diapers.
It's okay if your diaper rash cream has essential oils in it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you for shopping with Petite Bottoms Cloth Diapers and Zero Waste Life NH!

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