Tidalove Smile More Oral Care - Minty Yuzu Toothpaste Tablets Refill


It is time, time to stop using single use products, time to move away from plastic, time to make products in packaging that biodegrades, time to do better for the planet and for us.

Over 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year, which equals the mass of the Empire State building, Every.Single.Year!

These are so good! I just used one for the first time this morning. It has a light minty taste that has a kick of citrus to it. It has the right amount of foam and cleans the teeth well. I think I like these better than the other tablets I was using.

FIGHT CAVITIES, BAD BREATH, PLAQUE, AND TOOTH DECAY: Fluoride toothpaste in a tablet is the perfect way to obtain that healthy smile, formulated for everyday use, this toothpaste bite with fluoride will make it easy by removing plaque, tartar, and stains so you can smile more.

NATURAL EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Tidalove’s toothpaste tablets are free from SLS (sulfate), dyes,triclosan, parabens or artificial sweeteners. All the ingredients except fluoride are EWG green grade. This carefully formulated toothpaste is of course vegan and cruelty-free.

TWO UNIQUE, REFRESHING FLAVORS: Fresh minty yuzu and Sweet Spicy Cinnamon taste will freshen your breath while avoiding the chemical aftertaste that normal toothpaste leaves behind. Now, you can enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee wholeheartedly, even after brushing your teeth!

PRE-PORTIONED, TRAVEL-FRIENDLY TOOTHPASTE TABLETS: You’ll have the perfect dose of fluoride every time. Tidalove’s toothpaste tablets are the perfect travel companion. You can pack them easily, without a big tube of messy liquid toothpaste. This eco-friendly toothpaste tablets fit perfectly in any handbag or backpack for fresh breath whenever you need it!

SMILE MORE FOR YOU & THE PLANET: Zero-waste toothpaste tablets are now in FSC certified paper packaging. We make “refills only” to prevent 1.5 billion toothpaste plastic tubes end up in landfills yearly. Refill packet includes a one-month supply of toothpaste tablets (62 tablets). Purchase a Tidalove tin can or label your own air-tight container at home to store the tablets.

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