Panty Liner Wide


Boy shorts, hipsters and granny panties, oh my!
We (with the help of a customer) have designed these panty liners to fit panties that are a bit wider in the middle than bikini style panties.
Panty liners are designed for light flow. They do not have a waterproof barrier in them.
If you would like something different than what you see here, please contact us.
We are more that happy to make you a pantyliner or pad that is perfect for you!

Made from 100% cotton flannel, 4 layers total in the center, 2 layers on the wings.
Serged and top stitched for added durability, plastic snap closure.
Approximately 7.5 inches (19 cm) long and 2.5 inches (6 cm) inches wide in the middle, not including the wings.
Please note that these are a hand made item and print placement may vary from panty liner to panty liner.

How to wash:
Cotton is an easy care fiber. The panty liners only need a normal wash cycle. You can throw them in with your towels or clothes.
We recommend using a detergent that is clean rinsing, scent and dye free.
We recommend that you avoid using fabric softener as it can build up on the fabric and/or irritate delicate skin

How many panty liners or pads does one need?
Every woman's flow is different. I recommend trying a variety of the panty liners and pads that we offer to find out which ones work for you and how well they work for your flow. You can start small with one or two of each and add on from there.

Here is a guide to help you decide what option may be right for you:

Panty Liners are designed for spotting and light flow

Panty Liners Wide
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Mini Maxis are designed for light to moderate flow

Maxi Pads are designed for moderate to heavy flow

Postpartum and overnight pads are designed for heavy flow
This option is not currently listed, coming soon.

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